How do I know if I have LOG4J on my premises?

By Oscar Catana, IT Consultant. #Cyberfit.

I am an IT Consultant with a bunch of clients in different verticals. And if you are an IT person like me probably, you might be looking for ways to detect vulnerabilities in your network or at your client’s infrastructure.

  This evening of December 22nd, I am running Nessus over my client's infrastructure to make sure that things are working smoothly, and then I was planning to hit home. Things turned different when I saw that NESSUS found a copy of LOG4J in one of the NAS servers in the network.
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Nessus scanning results

My heart started pumping fast, and my fingers typed more quickly. Where are these files coming from? Why are they stored in a NAS server? Should they not be running on a server? Who put them in there?

After doing deep research on those files, I figured out that they came from a government agency. I won’t disclose which one.

I decided to send an email to that federal agency to alert them that there is one more app with the LOG4J vulnerability and that they might want to patch asap, and if end-users need them, they will need to have an updated version of that app.

Are you implementing any mechanism to isolate your company from the many vulnerabilities in the market? Having an inventory of your installed software and automated patch strategies could help you mitigate the risk of being exposed to a hack.

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To finish with my story, the copy of software that I found is not an active application running on my clients server. I just zipped and moved away to a secured backup location. I will be waiting for the Federal Agency to provide some information that could give us some light about this piece of software, and if there is anything that we might need to do.

Thank you for reading all the way down to here. Looks like my Christmas is not going to be in a cold data center, or behind the screen of a server. But close to a Christmas tree, family and hot chocolate.

Merry Christmas to you all!
Oscar Catana

ipthub cyber security


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