Understanding the Danish Cybersecurity Attack

Understanding the Danish Cyber Attack and the need of a better Cyber Security Posture
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In the month of May 2023, Danish, critical infrastructure was exposed to the most extensive cyber-related attack we have experienced in Denmark to date. 22 companies, that operate parts of the Danish energy infrastructure, were compromised in a coordinated attack. The result was that the attackers gained access to some of the companies’ industrial control systems and several companies had to go into island mode operation.

  • The largest attack: As far as we know, such a large cyber attack against the Danish critical infrastructure has not previously been carried out. The attackers gained access to the infrastructure of 22 companies in a few days.
  • Attackers with thorough preparation: The attackers knew in advance who they were going to target and got it right every time.
  • Coordinated, successful attacks against Danish critical infrastructure: Denmark is constantly under attack. But it is unusual that we see so many concurrent, successful attacks against the critical infrastructure.
  • Possible involvement of state actors: There are indications that a state actor may have been involved in one or more attacks.
  • SektorCERT’s sensor network and a strong collaboration: Without SektorCERT’s sensor network to detect the attacks, our skilled analysts as well as close cooperation with our members, their suppliers, and authorities, the attack could have had operational consequences for the Danish infrastructure.
  • The 25 recommendations: 
    Based on the attack, we have highlighted those of our 25 recommendations which are relevant in connection to the concrete attack techniques. We continue to recommend everyone who operates Danish, critical infrastructure to implement all SektorCERT’s 25 recommendations.
Who is SektorCERT and who is ZyXEL Networks?

SektorCERT is a pivotal organization in the realm of cybersecurity, playing a crucial role in safeguarding critical infrastructure against digital threats. Similar to the United States’ Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), SektorCERT monitors cyber threats, provides rapid response to incidents, and shares vital information about vulnerabilities and cyber risks. While SektorCERT focuses on specific sectors or regions, CISA, operating under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, offers a broader scope of services. These include protecting federal networks, assisting the private sector, managing risk to critical infrastructure, and ensuring reliable emergency communications. Both organizations are essential in the modern digital landscape, where cybersecurity is paramount for the protection of essential services and infrastructure.

This document is classified as TLP:CLEAR Copyright SektorCERT 2023

Zyxel is a large manufacturer of, among other things, firewalls which are often used in slightly smaller companies or in network segments where there is less traffic.
In Denmark, we have experience that Zyxel is used to a large extent to protect the critical infrastructure and we know that many OT environments in smaller, Danish companies within critical infrastructure use Zyxel firewalls.

To access the complete narrative and in-depth analysis of this case, including conclusions and recommendations from SektorCert, by downloading the official 30-page PDF document. To obtain the full report, please click here:


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The Unseen Digital Threats: A Lesson from Denmark

In a world increasingly reliant on digital infrastructures, the recent cyber-attack against Danish critical infrastructure serves as a stark reminder of our vulnerabilities. This sophisticated attack, detailed in a comprehensive report by SektorCERT, exploited security gaps, jeopardizing essential services and shaking the foundation of trust in digital systems. It’s a clear signal: the digital threats we face are evolving, and so must our defenses.

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  • Comprehensive Security Suite: Equipped with Next Generation Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention, and more.

Why Upgrade to Quantum Spark 1500 Pro? The attack in Denmark underscores the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures. Quantum Spark 1500 Pro not only addresses the vulnerabilities exploited in such attacks but also provides a future-proof solution. Its advanced features ensure that your organization stays ahead of cybercriminals, securing your critical infrastructure against unforeseen digital threats.

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