Has your account been compromised? LastPass Security Breach!

If you are using LastPass and it came into your attention that LastPass has been hacked, there are some refreshing news.

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Has your account been compromised? LastPass Security Breach! 1 cybersecurity and tech support for small and medium business.

On August 25th 2022 Karim Toubba published a note for all the LastPass users with the latest update in regards the incident.

Every thing started with an authorized agent who gain access to a developer account and the Last Pass team noticed some unusual activities. According to Karim Toubba de LastPass CEO seems like there is no accounts or password compromised or users data being compromised.

My hope as an Information Technology user of passwords managers tools that this companies strengthen their security because we the user are putting way too much trust in this software companies. I can not imagine the damaged that could be caused if the master passwords get compromised.

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A while ago I was a LastPass user but I moved out because I noticed that the application and the website has several tracking agents like Google tracking and other companies embedded while using it. When Why would you do that? I am expecting extreme privacy while using this applications and it made me nervous and moved out. Then you try Nordpass and they as well have tons of trackers and site analytics, there is no privacy while you are working with your private data. I do not see much hope with this “secure wallets” solutions.

We need companies that openly said that they are doing and what and why and give us the option to opt out. Do not you think so?

if you want to read more about the LastPass security incident, click here.

Any ways, so far in regards LastPass there are no indicators of compromised data and lets expect that they are not like Okta who experienced a very similar incident back in January 2022 (Reference here).

Wish you Happy Cyber Security time!

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