About Us

“Our top-tier security services aim to protect our clients from potential cyber threats. Our team of experts includes Acronis certified engineers and Check Point Certified engineers who have the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible protection for our clients’ data and systems.”

Oscar Catana / founder

Our Mission

“Our mission at IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc is to provide our clients and business partners with comprehensive data protection solutions that enhance their day-to-day IT operations. For over three decades, we have specialized in integrating technology solutions from leading IT brands, delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

In today’s digital landscape, where on-premises services are transitioning to the cloud, and remote employees are becoming more prevalent, cybersecurity has never been more important. At IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc, we offer advanced and sophisticated data protection and recovery technologies that are tailored to meet the complex needs of modern organizations.

Our consolidated and automated management solutions for desktops, laptops, mobiles, and servers enable organizations to maintain their cyber resilience in the face of the most complex day-zero cyber-attacks. Our state-of-the-art technologies are certified to meet the highest industry standards, providing peace of mind to our clients.

IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc is the tip of the iceberg where intelligent data protection solutions from world-class companies like Acronis and Check Point converge. These solutions are protecting thousands of organizations from all verticals, globally. Now, you can have access to those technologies through us.

When you partner with IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc, you can rest assured that you have a trusted business ally in the Information Technology arena. Our team of experts brings a wealth of experience, quality products and services, and a commitment to confidentiality to every engagement, ensuring the protection of your processes and services.”

Workplace policy

Our primary workplace policy prioritizes cyber security and data protection. We believe that protecting our sensitive information is critical to our success and the success of our clients. To that end, we have implemented strong password management, access control measures, data protection procedures, incident response protocols, security awareness training, network security measures, mobile device management policies, and remote access procedures.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of cyber security and ensuring that our employees are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to protect our data and systems.

When hiring people

In addition to our focus on cyber security and data protection, we value employees who exhibit strong ethical values. We believe that employees who are committed to integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior are essential to maintaining a workplace culture that is conducive to excellence and trust. We strive to create an environment that promotes ethical behavior and encourages employees to act with integrity in all of their interactions.

We are individuals who are passionate about their work and are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. We believe that a commitment to ongoing learning is essential for success in today’s rapidly changing world. We value employees who are eager to expand their knowledge and skills and are always looking for ways to enhance their performance.