Laptop not accepting USB disk “disk offline because of a policy set by an admin”

After playing with bitlocker and enabling and disabling some features I noticed that after inserting a USB the USB appeared as OFFLINE and with a legend that says: “disk offline because of a policy set by an admin”. I actually even placed a ticket with Microsoft and spent a lot of time trying to figure out the solution was to use the following commands in the Windows Power Shell (admin):

Set-Disk disknumber -isoffline $false
set-disk disknumber -isreadonly $false

Where: disknumber is your Disk number! how to get it? easy. At the command prompt type:

DISKPART [enter]

list disk [enter]

IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc
PowerShell DiskPart Command

and in this example is the Disk 4. Probably by now you already figure it out, because that is how you found this small guide. Another way to get it is by typing at the command prompt “Get-Disk [enter]”

IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc
PowerShell Get-Disk Command

After getting the number, its time to execute from the Powershell with Admin priviledges the following command:

IPTHUB Cyber Security Inc

and ready! you are a free man!


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