LOG4J – How may I affect us? Get Cyber Security today!

I would like to address something huge that is happening in the world and deserves your attention. It is not COVID! – but it’s something very alike in the computer world. There is a computer problem happening, which could affect us in one way or another. I noticed that many of my friends and clients I talk to do not know anything about it. So, because I am in the “Cyber Security business,” I decided to write you a small email with basic information and a link. Please check it out. Not to be scared but to be prepared.

There is a computer vulnerability in most of the applications in use by our services providers, and we need to act as end-users or businesses owners.

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Director Jen Easterly tells CNBC’s Eamon Javers that the LOG4J security flaw is the “most serious” vulnerability she’s seen in her decades-long career and it could take years to address. Her message to business leaders: “Do not delay in making sure that you are protected from this vulnerability.”

Watch this: CISA director says the LOG4J security flaw is the “most serious” she’s seen in her career (cnbc.com)

a) CISA recommendations to mitigate the problem:
Link to their website: Apache Log4j Vulnerability Guidance | CISA

All sizes companies and Government are taking this is very seriously, and probably you want to follow some recommendations:

• Back up all your emails on your computer and then on an external device. ATT right now has a huge issue with @sbcglobal.net users; most of them cannot have access. One of my clients uses their services, and today they cannot access them. They use this email with their banks, business providers, and many other transactions. If someone gets access to their email, they might hack your access to your services. And if your service provider loses access to their (yours) data, they might ask you for proof of your “payments.”
• Make sure to have an updated Antivirus.
• Save your email and password in a Password manager and a printed copy in a secured location.
• If you are like me, probably you are not printing anything, trusting your email. Well, today, I am one step ahead. I just re-downloaded all my emails and backed them up. The same I did with my bank transactions and credit cards transactions.

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LOG4J - How may I affect us? Get Cyber Security today! 1 cybersecurity and tech support for small and medium business.

• Download all your bank statements and transactions, proof that you have paid your bills. And back them up in a safe place, not in your computer (for sec reasons). Backing up is a good practice in general.
• If you use a Web platform, you probably want to download your databases and related information. Play safe, especially if you own a business.
• If you have a local copy of your information, try to make a second copy, and take it to a different location.
• Get more information only from trusted sources and act on it.

If anyone is interested in protecting your business or personal data. I would recommend you use Acronis Cyber Cloud. I can give you a 30-day trial account. So, you can fully backup your computer and servers locally and in the cloud. Protect your computer from ransomware, virus, hard drive failures, etc. Please email me or call me for more details about how I may help you protect one of your most important assets, your data.

Merry Christmas! Best of the best for you and your family.

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